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Sea Life Birmingham

The national sea life centre
the waters edge

UK_B1 2HL Birmingham
United kingdom

Tel : 44 /
Fax : 44 /

The National Sea Life Centre is open daily from 10am including weekends and bank holidays, with last admission at 4pm weekdays and 5pm weekends. The centre is open all year round, only closing on Christmas Day.

Last admission times over the Christmas period are subject to change - please call for further details.

Coming soon...AmaZonia!
New for Easter 2006 - explore AmaZonia, bringing the world's greatest rainforest to the heart of the city. Beware deadly predators such as razor toothed piranhas, electric eels and poison dart frogs. Marvel at freshwater stingrays and tropical catfish beneath the forest canopy. Its a jungle adventure not to be missed.

Totally Tropical
Turning up the heat in the heart of the city, the National Sea Life centre is Totally Tropical. Get face to face with a kaleidoscope of colourful creatures including lionfish, starfish, black reef tip sharks, fearsome barracuda and cownose rays.

Join in the fun with Nemo and his friends, walk through the one million litre ocean tunnel with giant green sea turtles and shoals of tropical reef fish swimming over your head and under your feet. Surrounded by palm trees and warm seas of the Pacific coast and the Carribean, you can discover a real paradise.

Seahorse Breeding and Conservation Centre
The National Sea Life centre hosts a special unit for breeding and rearing a range of seahorses. This exciting new feature "The Seahorse Breeding and Conservation Centre," allows visitors to gain fascinating insight into the kind of work normally carried out by our dedicated marine biologists behind the scenes.

With regular feeding sessions each day, you can see these magnificent creatures growing from babies to fully formed adults.

Other exhibits include
Tropical Ocean display featuring our magnificent Sea Turtles
Otter Sanctuary
Bay of Rays
Touch Pool

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