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Sea Life Brighton

Sea life centre
marine parade
east sussex

UK_BN2 1TB Brighton
United kingdom

Tel : 44 /
Fax : 44 /

Brighton Sea Life is an indoor all weather attraction. Most areas are accessible by wheelchair (some arears not accessable in auditorium)

Tropical Reef

Already home to two giant sea turtles and black-tipped reef sharks, our mighty ocean display has become the Tropical Reef...complete with it's own shipwreck.

As well as the spectacular views afforded by the walkthrough underwater tunnel, there are now extra viewing windows and even a walkway over the top of this impressive tank

Discover the amazing stories behind the hard cases of the oceans; the crustaceans.

Watch the Giant Japanese Spider Crabs that can grow to an astonishing 3 metres.

In this clashing, crushing world of claws and carapaces you'll find out more about
the pre-historic Horseshoe Crabs, ingenious Decorator Crabs and more.

Other key attractions include
Kingdom of the Seahorse
Sea Turtles
Ocean Tunnel
Sandy Seabed

The combination of beautiful Victorian architecture with innovative marine displays make this a visit to remember.

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