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Sea Life Centre Weymouth

Weymouth?s seafront, across the road from the beach and sea in lodmoor country park which has a large pay and display car park attached.

UK_DT4 7SX Weymouth
United kingdom

Tel : 44 /
Fax : 44 /

Opening times
Open from 10am every day except Christmas Day.

Open later during the summer - please call 01305 788255 for more details.
Recommended quieter visiting times during the summer are 10am -11am and 3pm to close.

Turtle Sanctuary
Coming soon... a spectacular ocean tank will provide the ideal home for Green sea turtles. A resuce and rehabilitation facility will give you the chance to learn all about these extraordinary creatures and the efforts being made to protect them and their habitats.

Splash Lagoon
Don't forget to bring the kid's swim suits and trunks to enjoy hours of splashing good fun in the Splash Lagoon. A palm-fringed paddling pool with water barrel linked by a narrow channel to a complex of 10 different fountains...all firing water jets at different intervals, in different directions and from different wacky devices.

Kids will love trying to dodge the jets, even though their chances of success are very slim!

A huge aerial water-butt above the main pool gradually fills before releasing its contents in various directions, offering another chance to get properly drenched amidst squeals of laughter. Mum and Dad can look forward to a long uninterrupted break, relaxing under a tropical-style straw parasol while the youngsters play happily - soaked, but safe!

Please note that this is an outdoor feature most suitable during the warmer seasons.

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