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Sea Life Centre Great Yarmouth

Sea life centre great yarmouth nr30 3ah
marine parade
UK_NR30 3AH Great yarmouth
United kingdom

Tel : 44 /
Fax : 44 /

Our new Seahorse Breeding & Conservation Centre offers visitors the opportunity to see work being carried out by our dedicated marine experts to ensure the survival of both native and tropical seahorses.

Opening times
Open from 10am every day except Christmas Day.

Open later during the summer - please call 01493 330631 for more details. Recommended quieter visiting times during the summer are 10am -11am and 3pm to close.

Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre is an all weather attraction housed totally indoors.

The Centre is accessible for wheelchairs to all areas. Guidance maps are provided on entry at the admissions desk.

Main Features
The Sea Life network has created one of the world's most successful seahorse breeding programmes, and is a key contributor to an international conservation scheme, which may ultimately provide a last lifeline for several species already close to extinction.

Don't miss our new Seahorse Breeding & Conservation Centre, where both native and tropical seahorses are bred and reared by dedicated marine experts.

Other main exhibits include:
Deep Sea Wrecks
Great Yarmouth Harbour
Sea Life Nursery
Fishermans Wharf
Island of the Gods
Lost City of Atlantis

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