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Sea Life and Marine Sanctuary Scarborough

Sea life centre scarborough
UK_YO12 6RP Scarborough
United kingdom

Tel : 44 /
Fax : 44 /

Opening Times
Open from 10am every day except Christmas Day.

Open later during the summer months - please cal 01723 376125 for more details. recommended quieter visiting times during the summer are 10am - 11am and 3pm till close.

There are regular talks, presentations and feeding displays with our sanctuary animals throughout the day.
Please see the notice board at the entrance or ak a member of staff for details

Rock pool talks available all day.

Here you can get up close and personal with its inhabitants such as common shore and velvet crabs.

Meet a member of the displays team at the touchpools.

Please note
Presentation and feeding times may be subject to change.
To avoid disappointment contact the Sanctuary for confirmation.
The Scarborough Sea Life and Marine Sanctuary is housed both indoors and out. All outdoor areas are provided with shelters to allow access in all weather conditions.

The Sanctuary is accessible for wheelchairs to all areas. Guidance maps are provided on entry at the admissions desk.
Penguin Sanctuary: a fantastic ?Penguin Sanctuary' where seven endangered Humboldt Penguins have arrived at the Sanctuary. The Penguin Sanctuary provides its residents with a large beach, nesting boxes, river and deep dive pool. Visitors can view the penguins from a variety of vantage points including underwater viewing.

Seal Rescue

Scarborough Sea Life & Marine Sanctuary also offers a valuable life-saving service to dozens of stranded seal pups each year. The pups are cared for by our dedicated team of experts, until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Other key attractions include
Jurassic Seas
World of the Octopus
Otter River
Seal Hospital
Sea Turtles/Underwater Tunnel
Kingdom of the Seahorse

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